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Cedardale Andover is now open.

The club features Group Fitness Classes, Tennis and Fitness.  It is located at 307 Lowell Street (formerly the Boston Sports Club).  Check out the Cedardale Andover section of this website for complete details.

Cedardale will be opening an alternative location in Andover, Ma while we rebuild. (March 24th, 2017) 

Cedardale recently experienced a massive fire causing the club to close until further notice.  We will rebuild - please come see us then! (March, 2017)

Cedardale offers a variety of court sports in both league and drop-in play. We have a very strong Men's Basketball league with two levels of play, instructional and league play in Volleyball, various levels of racquetball leagues and mixers as well as Pickleball, Wallyball and Ping Pong for drop-in play.

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