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Swim Lessons - Class Descriptions

Parent'n Tot - 8 mo.-2 yrs

This class is an introductory water class for parents and their babies.  Songs, toys and basic water/safety skills will be introduced.  Children must be accompanied in the water by a parent or an adult.

Advanced Tot with Parent - Ages 2-3 yrs

This class is for toddlers and their parents/grandparents looking to obtain swimming skills while achieving independence in the water.  Use of flotation devices is required.

Advanced Tot - Ages 2-3 yrs

Designed for toddlers who have achieved independent swimming skills (with flotation and without Mom or Dad).  Child must be able to perform a simple dog paddle with flotation and without assistance.  Child will start to follow simple directions while having fun in the water.

Preschool - Ages 3-6 years

This class is for children who can perform a simple "dog paddle" with or without swim aids or flotation devices. More advanced levels of this class will work on Freestyle or Backstroke.

Intro to Red Cross - Ages 6 - 7 years

This class is specifically designed for 6 - 7 year old swimmers. Beginner levels include flotation while more advanced levels will be working on skills needed for the Red Cross class such as Freestyle and Backstroke and introducing Butterfly.

Red Cross / Advance Red Cross - 8 yrs & older

This class is designed for children 8 and older.  Children will refine the freestyle and backstroke, emphasizing correct form. Breastroke and Butterfly wll be introduced, as well as flip turns and dives.  More advanced swimmers will learn the four competitive swimstrokes. We will not accept 7 year olds in this class.

Anxious Swimmer - Ages 7 yrs+

This class is designed for those who need special attention to get comfortable in the water.  Children who are hesitant about putting their face in the water should sign up for this class.  Flotation devices may be used, but children must go in the water independently.

Swim Team Prep - Ages 9 yrs+

This class is for children who have taken multiple sessions/years of Red Cross/Adv Red Cross classes.  At this level children will get ready for swim team by learning stroke drills to refine the four competitive strokes, as well as turns, and using a pace clock.  Must be able to swim 100 yards Freestyle and Backstroke (4 lengths of each stroke without stopping), 50 yards Breaststroke / 25 yards of Butterfly.


Summer Swim & Dive Teams

Swim Team I (11+ years and older)

Concentration will be on training and improving the four competitive strokes as well as starts and turns.

Swim Team II (10 years old)

Practice time will be spent learning and/or perfecting the four competitive strokes as well as developing endurance.

Swim Team III (7 & 8 years old)

This is not a swim lesson. This practice is for the child who has had lessons and is just getting started at the team level. They must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool doing crawl stroke unassisted with rotary breathing. Practice time will be spent building endurance and stroke development. Those not ready will be moved to swim lessons.

6 & Under Swim Team (4 - 6)

This is not a swimming lesson, it is a team practice. The children work on crawl stroke with rotary breathing and backstroke. Children on bubbles are allowed to participate with a minimum age of 4 years old. This group is very large and our goal is to get as many children as possible swimming 1/2 length crawl stroke without bubbles by the end of the season.

Dive Team

For divers who can do an approach, front dive, back dive, and at least one optional dive. The junior should be progressed past dive clinics and ready for competition.

Dive Clinics

These clinics are a daily sign-up and are for children who are just learning to dive or who are not quite ready for the diving team. Space is limited. Sign up at the Outdoor Desk on the day of the clinic.




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