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Water Exercise Classes

October 1st - April 30th

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All Classes to be held at the Cedarland Aquatic Center 

June 25th - August 31st

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All classes to be held at Cedardale Outdoor Summer Facility

Water Exercise uses the resistance of the water to strengthen and tone your muscles without impact. It is another great way to cross train keeping your workouts exciting!  The indoor schedule does offer a few dryland classes.  These are not available in the summer since we do not have indoor facilities at this time.

Senior Flex & Flow

A special water workout geared toward Seniors. It combines low impact aerobics with specific exercises to improve range of motion, increase flexibility, and endurance. All levels of exercisers are welcome. *The Senior Flex & Flow classes are open to Non-Members for an $10.00/class fee during Indoor Season & $12/class during Summer Season.

Aqua Intervals

A shallow and deep water program that everyone can enjoy. This class is packed with varying intervals and fluid movements. It is a fun and challenging way to energize your aquatic workout.


Strengthen, define and firm with this effective and easy to follow water workout. A perfect cardio workout mix for the abs, arms, hips, thighs, and gluteals.

Cardio Splash

An intense water workout that involves the total body, cardio, toning and all the time abs - you can handle it! Cardio Splash goes way beyond what you think is possible in the water.

Chair Yoga

A dry land class we have added to round out our schedule.  It is a gentle yet effective yoga stretch while sitting in a chair and using the chair for support for standing poses.  Poses are modified and adapted from traditional yoga.  Class is for all levels and physical abilities.  No prior yoga experience necessary.  Namaste!


Another dry land class we added for a little balance.  A 30-minute strength class with light weights.  Build muscle tone and balance.  With or without the use of a chair.

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