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Fitness Tip: 10 Romantic Fitness Ideas

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler shares her top ten most romantic fitness date ideas and a partner/buddy workout.

  1. Rather than going to a restaurant, try cooking a healthy meal together.

  2. Couple Massage. Great way to relax with the one you love.

  3. Hit the Gym. Get a good sweat and get those endorphins flowing for a better bond.

  4. Bike ride. Try a bike ride and you will be surprised on how it will strengthen your relationship.

  5. Comedy Show. Laughter is medicine.

  6. Hiking. Enjoy getting some fresh air with your better half.

  7. Dance Lesson. It’s all about teamwork and being mindful of each other and you are moving!

  8. Ice Skating. Skate together. Fall together. Be there for each other.

  9. Yoga Class. Through the power of touch and mindfulness, couples cultivate physical and emotional support - try Beth’s Yin Partner Yoga, Thurs., Feb 14th at 10 am.  No Guest Fees!

  10. Forget your phone at home and go for a walk or run together.

Partner/Buddy Gym workout

Set a timer and do each exercise for 45 seconds, rest while your partner completes the same exercise for 45 seconds. Run through each exercise 3 times and move onto the next exercise.

  1. Kettlebell Goblet squats

  2. Push ups

  3. Kettlebell Alternating Reverse lunges

  4. TRX Rows

  5. Plank Shoulder taps

  6. 45 Second Sprint on Treadmill

Enjoy the company getting your sweat on, supporting each other and releasing all those good endorphins……..Happy Valentine’s Day!

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