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Fitness Tip: Getting Back to the Gym

Many of you were committed to keeping some type of workout going during the pandemic which is fantastic because as we all know exercise is one of the keys to a healthy immune system.  Balance is criticial too much exercise may actually compromise your immunities.

So let's cover a few basic questions when getting back to your gym workouts:

How many days a week should I go to the gym to start out?

As you head back to the gym, your new routine should be based off of how much you worked out during quaratine. If you worked out five days a week, congratulations you are among the few! But if you didn't exercise at all or performed one to two workouts per week, add in one extra workout per week for as many weeks as it takes to hit your goal.

For example, if you didn't work out at all over the past few months, do just one workout your first week back. The next week try two, the third week try three, and so on until you meet your training frequency goal.


I have been working out at home with body weight. How should I approach a return to strength training with weights?

As a general rule of thumb you should keep it easy.  You have been away from weights for roughly 3 ½  months. It may take that long to get you back to where you were when Cedardale shutdown.  To avoid injury think light and short.  Focus on proper technique and gradually increase intensity and weight.  Begin with half the volume you were at when the gym closed.  Select a weight that you can lift with 2 or 3 reps in reserve.  That way it is heavy enough to build strength but not too heavy to lose form.

If you need help restarting your fitness routine reach out to Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler with questions: [email protected]

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