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Fitness Tip: What is Periodization

In prior articles, I’ve mentioned the importance of changing up your workout routines. Today’s topic offers good solutions on how to change up your programming to keep your workouts fun and exciting. I am referring to a fitness term called Periodization.

imgWhat is Periodization?

It’s a form, or resistance training that may be defined as strategic implementation or specific training phases. These training phases are based upon increasing and decreasing both volume (which is reps, times, sets) and intensity (which is the load) when designing a training program. Periodization programs have been shown to be the most effective in improving muscular strength, motor performance, fat free mass and percent of body fat. One of the most important aspects of periodization training is the planning of the recovery. Other key aspects of periodization include creativity, strategic planning and exploitation of the recovery.

Why is Periodized training so important?

You have the best intentions regarding your workouts, but find that your motivation is lacking. Lately, no matter how hard or how often you workout, you just can’t seem to progress any further. You're stuck on a plateau. It turns out the exercises you've been doing have worked so well that your body has adapted to it. You need to “shock” or “surprise” your body a bit. You need to give it a new challenge periodically if you’re going to continue to make gains.

This goes for both strength and cardiovascular training. Periodizing your training is key. Instead of doing the same routine month after month, you change your training program to regular intervals, or periods to keep your body working harder, while still giving it adequate rest.

Some examples you can implement into periodization training:

  • The number of repetitions per set, or number of sets of each exercise.

  • The amount of resistance used

  • The rest period between sets

  • Types of exercises

Periodized training will ensure that you continue to make measurable progress, which will keep you energized and interested in reaching your goals.

As always, feel free to reach out with any training questions or concerns. Here at Cedardale we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals safely and successfully.

Yours in health and wellness ~ Kelli Mokeler, Fitness Director

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