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Routine - It's Been Anything But!


Since mid-March, our routines have been anything but.

We've had to undergo the ultimate reorganization in our lives, literally from physically changing our  homes to accommodate WFH adults and students to emotional change because we have WFH adults and students! 

I've talked to so many Members who have both struggled and have excelled with their workouts during their time away from Cedardale.  So many of you discovered that there was equipment at home and you actually knew how to use it!  You found hills and loops in your neighborhood to walk (and you even started running again).  Your computer skills came in handy with virtual classes and yes, yoga on the living room floor isn't so bad. You essentially made lemonade out of lemons.

You've shown amazing resiliency in the face of these 'uncertain times' and deep down inside, you're stronger than ever before.  Don't be afraid to admit it, embrace it and shout it from the rooftops!

And for those of you who are still On Hold when you're ready to revisit your exercise routine at Cedardale, come by for a visit.  We'd love to show you the precautions we've taken to make your health club a safe place for all.  We're following the state of MA guidelines with a firm hand as we want to and need to stay open and healthy for YOU!  Our Member Code of Conduct is simple but strong and being followed by all.

Be Apart:  Maintain at least 6' social distancing 

Be Responsible: When social distancing, wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose.

Be Clean: Wash or sanitize your hands often.

Be Kind:  We're all in this together (and we will get through it)!

Mary Lynch is our Member Services Director and has been a part of Cedardale since 1983.  Contact her today if you have any questions or would like to come by for a tour. [email protected]

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