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Group Ex New Spring Schedule

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Questions can be directed to Group Ex Director Sam McCarthy at [email protected]

  • 7:15am Spin moved to 8am with Mary
  • 8:15am STRONG moved to 9am, now 45 minute class
  • 9:30am YOGA moved to 10AM 
  • BodyPump at 10am changed to an Express (45-minute) class
  • Added new 11am ZUMBA class with Kate S. 
  • Hopefully will add a new 6:30pm Kick & Crunch class with Cheryl
  • 7:15am Barre moved to 9am and moved to Main Studio
  • 9:30am Spin moved to 9am, now 45 minutes long
  • 8:15am Kick & Crunch moved to 10am, now 45 minutes long
  • Added a new 11am Yoga class with Nanci 
  • Added a new 8am Essentrics class in the Main Studio
  • Added a new 8:15am Muscle Express with Sherry
  • 7:15am Spin moved to 9am
  • 8:15am Barre Burn moved to the Main Studio
  • BodyPUMP moved to 10am
  • Added a new Yoga class at 11am with Barbara in the Main Studio 
Weekends - No Changes

Questions? Email Group Ex Director Sam McCarthy at [email protected]

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