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Meditation + QXT

Start your week off stress-free with a 45-minute guided meditation by one of our newest instructors: Kampa. There are many good reasons why we meditate, established by the J.A.H.A. Journal of American Heart Association, Harvard Health and the Chopra Center. Meditation postulates boundless amount of positive benefits such as increased life expanse, strengthen our ability to focus on tasks, control insomnia, anxiety, addictions, pulmonary disease (COPD) and reduces cardiovascular disease. This class will provide ancient yogi breathing techniques, perfect posture, surveillance of the mind, chant mantras in Sanskrit and amass inert energy.

Kampa will also be offering another great class: Qigong Cross Training (AKA: QXT). Qigong Cross Training is a modified fitness program based on Taoist yoga combined with internal martial arts movements. This has an internal component that opposes regular fitness programs. This consists of internal callisthenic postures used to refine the center core as to toning or contrasting the external physique. For health, QXT is a program for preserving fine health, flexibility and dexterity. It pertains mindfulness meditation, movement, standing postures and ligament stretching for internal strengthening of the musculoskeletal system which constructs power, strength and balance. QXT, an internal alternative for maintaining fitness on top of your game.

Kampa, aka Kāmpa Vashi Deva, is the founder of the Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute and studied with Grandmaster Gin-Soon Chu and son Master Fong Chu.  Click for more on Kampa

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