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Corporate Wellness

Improve your employees’ productivity by improving their health! Research has shown that employers who implement wellness programs save on health insurance premiums, decrease the number of sick days, and improve productivity in the workplace. Cedardale Health & Fitness can assist your employees in becoming healthier, happier, and more efficient. Check out our Corporate Wellness Options:

HealthyLIVING Wellness Program

HealthyLIVING our wellness program is the perfect fit for you and your employees. A certified wellness coach and registered dietitian will teach your employees how to live a healthier life through proper eating, exercise, and stress management. This is a 12-week wellness program that meets for 2 hours per week and can be held on-site, at Cedardale or virtually. Group rates may apply! Contact our Nutrition Department for more information at 978-373-1596 or email [email protected]


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Complimentary Nutrition/Health Seminar

Our registered dietitians can deliver an initial complimentary 45-minute nutrition or health seminar for your employees on site!  

Contact us to schedule a date that works best for you by emailing [email protected] or by phone at 978-373-1596.

Employee Health Screenings

Health screenings and preventive exams are an important part of an employee's well being. They have the power to detect and prevent chronic disease and other health issues. Screenings can be conducted on a quarterly or annual basis depending on the size and demographics of your company. The more frequent the health screenings are conducted, the more likely it is a disease will be caught early on. More on Employer Benefits of Health Screenings and Screening Options . . .

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