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Complimentary Fitness Programs

W.O.W. - Workout Of the Week

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler will post a new periodized workout every week. The workout program will consist of the 3 phases: endurance & flexibility, strength & building, and power and explosive training for a well rounded, safe and results-driven program.

Technique Tuesday

Tuesdays, 6:30 pm

Technique Tuesday is designed to educate and guide Cedardale members in the art of Functional Movements: squats, hip hinge, push, pull. Our Strength Coach will educate members on correct form and have answers to the questions: what, when and why you need these exercises. This complimentary class will be modified for all levels. Our intention is for you to complete the session with a solid understanding of the technique being taught. The class will include an appropriate warm up, drills and skills for the functional movement, and finish with directed stretching for safe and smart recovery. This is a technique class, not a workout class.

Hoist Orientation Classes

The Hoist Equipment Class is designed for new members who have been away from exercise for awhile or active members who want to learn more about training and the Hoist Equipment option. This class includes a basic introduction to our selectorized machines. Also, we will answer questions on the wide variety of cardio equipment.

Hoist Appt will be offered at the following times:

Mondays + Tuesdays at 9:00 am

Wednesdays + Thursdays at 6 pm

Saturdays at 9 am

Shake, Walk & Roll Baby!

Join an energetic and knowledgeable Fitness Department guide for a quick and efficient walking workout. What a great way to get out of your office, home, or environment and get some movement in. Finish up the class with a quick recovery foam rolling session. On the way out, grab a healthy protein shake option, and then back to life with a better, clearer mindset.

Offered: Monday - Friday, 12 - 12:45 pm


Questions? Contact Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler at


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