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Fitness Covid-19 Protocol

Cardio Equipment

  • A variety of cardio equipment is available on the mezzanine level with 36 pieces in the cardio area and another 17 on the track  

  • All equipment is spaced 8 - 9 feet apart

  • Masks are required (effective Dec 13th)while working out on these cardio machine. Only exception being those with a granted medical exemption and who have their identifying bracelet on. To apply for a medical exemption please contact Andrew Gunberg at [email protected]

  • Use of cardio equipment is on a first come, first serve basis


Selectorized Weight Circuits (Mezzanine Level)

  • Hoist and FreeMotion weight circuits located on the Mezzanine level will require masks while using

  • Equipment is only able to be spaced 6 feet apart.

  • No medical exemptions allowed in this area.


Weight Room (Lower Level)

  • Masks are required

  • Equipment is only spaced 6 feet apart

  • No supersetting is allowed

  • Please use one piece of equipment at a time - working in between sets is not allowed

  • No medical exemptions allowed in this area.

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