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Complimentary Programs

To begin your journey at Cedardale we highly recommend you take advantage of your complimentary Wellness Assessment all Members receive upon joining the club. Please click for details on how to schedule this assessment.

Other offerings available to help educate you on equipment and fitness in general are the below complimentary programs: 


Hoist Orientation Classes

Monday at 9:00 am
Tuesday at 10:00 am
Wednesday at 5:00 pm
Thursday at 6:00 pm
Saturday at 9:00 am

The Hoist Equipment Class is designed for new members who have been away from exercise for awhile or active members who want to learn more about training and the Hoist Equipment option. This class includes a basic introduction to our selectorized machines. Our Fitness Instructor will also answer questions on the wide variety of cardio equipment available for your use.  All classes are drop-in. Meet on the second level by the Hoist equipment.


W.O.W. - Workout Of the Week

Ever find yourself struggling with what to do at the gym? Need a little change up to your regular routine? Try our complimentary Workout of the Week known as W.O.W.  Programmed by Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler with a new workout every week, W.O.W will be a periodized workout consisting of 3 phases:

  • endurance and flexibility
  • strength and building
  • power and explosive training

for a well rounded, safe, results-driven program.  W.O.W will be posted on the second level on the TV nearest the indoor track.


Technique Tuesday

Tuesdays at 10:15 am & 6:45 pm
Are you ready to learn more about a new, unique or different piece of strength or cardio equipment at Cedardale? What about learning a new Functional Movement pattern? One of Cedardale's Strength Coaches will educate members on a different topic every Tuesday. We will cover the correct way to use equipment, proper form, and have answers to the questions: what, where and why a piece of equipment and/or specific exercise will benefit your fitness goals. This complimentary education session is available for all levels and abilities. Our intention is for you to complete the session with a solid understanding of the technique being taught. This is a technique class, not a workout. Meeting place for Technique Tuesday will be posted weekly on the Reception Desk and website. No signup required.


Questions? Contact Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler at
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