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FAQs on Membership Reactivation

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Membership Reactivation + COVID-19

Why are you charging me full dues when the indoor club is not open?

Given the State’s phased reopening plan we can only operate activities and facilities that are allowed during Phase 2.  Given the necessity to rehire and train staff as well as prepare the outdoor facility to meet the guidelines, we will be opening late June.  We anticipate the main club to be reopening in the early part of July.  While the main club may be unavailable, we will be offering the following services outdoors:  swimming pools, tennis courts with no court fees, and virtual and outdoor group exercise classes (participants in the virtual classes will be required to be active members as of opening day).  It is a necessity for Cedardale to begin to generate revenue to sustain itself as an ongoing business entity and we appreciate our members' support as we try to navigate this difficult time.

What Do You Mean by Extended Hold?

For members not comfortable coming back to the club or experiencing other issues related to the COVID-19 Pandemic such as job loss or being part of an at-risk population we are offering an Extended Hold option.  The Extended Hold will keep your membership in a Hold status through September 30th.  All accounts on the Extended Hold will reactivate on October 1st unless you notify us otherwise by September 15th. This will allow you to re-evaluate your situation in September and decide if you want to continue as a member.  Please note that if you decide to cancel you will be subject to enrollment fees if you decide to rejoin us in the future.  

What if I want to reactivate my membership prior to October 1st?

We hope to accommodate these requests, however, without knowing our capacity limits and the influx of those joining for our outdoor offerings we can not guarantee we will be able to honor them.  For those looking to come off the Extended Hold early will need to speak to the Membership Manager.  Approval will be based on the membership levels and capacity restrictions at the time of the request. 

When do I need to decide if I want to go on Extended Hold?

We are asking all Members who are not ready to reactivate their membership on July 1st to inform us by Tuesday, June 23rd and can do so by completing this FORM.
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