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HealthyCARE 90 Day Wellness Program Testimonials

Take a look at the success of our HealthyCARE (formerly Commit to Get Fit) past participants:

Tammy O
Commit to Get Fit - April, 2018

After having tried many weight loss programs Tammy was referred to Commit to Get Fit by a friend. 
"I have tried many weight loss programs which worked in the moment but as soon as 'real life' happens you gain it back.  Commit to Get Fit has taught me how to be successful. The instructor was able to break down all the nutrition and her consistent check-ins helped me stay on track but also pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Working out was my least favorite parts but after Samantha (instructor and Registered Dietitian) pushing me to try working out became easier and I now enjoy it.  Working with Samantha one-on-one and the group support made a difference in my journey. I ihave lost over 30 lbs!  You have one life to live so why not take advantage of this amazing program.  It works and it will benefit you forever!"

Alexandra H
Commit to Get Fit - April, 2018

"I had gained weight over the past years, and had not been to a gym in years, which of course, made me feel self-conscious about exercising in front of people.  I also had been attending Weight Watchers meetings in early 2018, but did not find the group dynamic motivated me, or the discussion topics added any value (eating Cool Whip Light instead of regular Cool Whip). I wanted a focus on healthy, whole foods and a more nutrition-backed plan that I could stick with.

I immediately loved Samantha's (Registered Dietitian and CTGF coach) approach: fact-based, non-judgemental, educational and super friendly! When I attended CTGF I saw a great mix of friendly people just like me - people looking for a healthy approach to not just losing weight, but for incorporating exercise and wellness into a lifestyle change.  I really enjoyed the comradery of my Commit to Get Fit pals!  We learned from each other's questions and experiences, and had fun exercising together each week in class.  We had a lot of laughs together. 

As with anything you get out of it what you put into it.  I really wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to feel better physically and emotionally so that along with Samantha's steady guidance, really motivated me.  I am so grateful to have had such a kind, energetic, motivating, and knowledgeable instructor/coach.  I loved that the CTGF program incorporated exercise, healthy eating habits and wellness.  On Weight Watchers I just felt deprived (and hungry); whereas on CTGF the new exercise regime energized me, the nutrition plan kept me sated (and eating) all day, and overall, the program had (and still has) me feeling really great for the first time in years.  The Commit to Get Fit program is 100% the best thing I have done for myself in the last 10 years."

Kelly M
Commit to Get Fit - Fall, 2016

I began this journey with my husband, with the intent to do something together from which we could both benefit.  Our youngest son had left for college and we needed time to work on us.  Both of us needed to make lifestyle changes.  

My relationship with food had gotten out of control.  My life as “mom” was always centered around my kids and eating properly was not always a priority.  I had also put exercise “on the back burner”.  I knew that if I didn’t make some changes, and truly commit to it, my future years would not be healthy ones.

Commit to Get Fit has truly changed my life and my priorities.  Nutrition has become “mindful” and exercise has become a habit.  Through learning about, and trying, “real” food, I have realized that I enjoy many more options.  Yes, eating properly takes time and energy, but it is worth every moment.  It gives me energy to do more things with my life.  I have also enjoyed trying new fitness routines at the gym.  I never knew how much fun group exercise classes could be, plus it is fun to see other CTGF members in the gym.   

Commit to Get Fit is a way of life.  The 12-week program gave me the knowledge necessary to continue with a healthier lifestyle.  I am so happy that I committed to this program.  Not only did I lose excess weight (1 lb/week), but my cholesterol and total wellbeing has improved.


Maria W
Commit to Get Fit - Fall, 2016

When I made the decision to pariticpate in the Commit to Get Fit program I contacted Samantha (Cedardale's Registered Dietitian and CTGF Coach).  She was extremely helpful and encouraging.  She encouraged me to start a journey of healthy living that helped me to lose a total of 12 pounds.  She assisted me to not only enroll in the program but also get it through my insurance and get reimbursed for most of the cost.

The journey was amazing!  The quality of the material covered was superior and one that I have never experience.  I have tried other well-known health programs, and i have to say that the professionalism and content of this program was beyond my expectations.  It not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but it also assists you in learning different exercise routines, managing stress and teaches you to deal with daily life struggles.  Samantha and her team are by far the best exercise, dietary and health counselors I have ever worked with.  I encourage you to take the challenge and I also assure you that it will be one of the best experiences of your life!


Steve Y
Commit to Get Fit - Fall, 2016
Commit to Get Fit has helped me to take much better care of myself.  Sam you were absolutely delightful!  I found Commit To Get Fit to be informative, interactive, and fun.  It is a total program that helped me not only nutritionally speaking but also taught me how to utilized Cedardale's incredible facility and it's equipment.  I lost 15 lbs during the program, but more importantly it made me aware of so many healthy choices and exercise options . . . resulting in better health for me and members of my family.  It has been a great way to make improvements in my life! 


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