30 Min Guided Meditation Class

Meditation can heal the mind, body and spirit. It can remove stress, enhance decision making, improve sleep and enhance mindfulness. Our guided meditation classes consist of a 5-minute introduction followed by a 20-minute guided meditation and ending with 5-10-minutes for closing remarks and Q&A. No prior meditation experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, pillow, blanket, or any other props to create a relaxing meditation space.

We offer monthly guided meditation classes on Sunday evenings. Below are the details for our next class.



Sunday, June 23rd at 5pm 

Forgiveness can have a powerful effect on your life. Forgiving yourself and others is not just a gesture of kindness, but an act of self-healing. Forgiveness improves our health, makes us happier and more kind. Join us for a 30-minute session where we will explore the art of releasing resentment and blame, both towards ourselves and others. Elyse will walk you through a simple Tai Chi exercise (known as meditation in motion) and then follow with a seated guided meditation that will help ease anxiety and overwhelm with mind-body techniques that improve mental and emotional well-being. No prior meditation experience necessary.