Member Policies/Rules


Lockers are available for daily use within the lockerrooms and on the first floor. We also have a limited number of lockers available for rent. If you are interested in renting a locker please contact Mike Auciello at [email protected]



We offer our members several hold options for situations that cause you to be away from the club for an extend time.

Membership General Hold Policy + Form

Membership Medical Hold Policy

Membership Snowbird Hold Policy + Form



Members who wish to cancel their membership can contact our Membership Department at [email protected] or call 978-373-1596 ext 108 or 109. Please keep in mind when requesting a cancellation of your membership you must have fulfilled the minimum 6-month commitment. Also, we ask that cancellation requests are received by the 25th of the month so we can process for the beginning of the next month. We welcome any feedback as to why you have chosen to cancel.


Lost + Found Policy

The club is not responsible for lost items. Given the high volume of lost and found items and the lack of storage space to house these items we can only keep lost items for one week. Please be sure to check your for your belongings before leaving the club.