Covid-19 Positive Test Reported Tuesday, September 29th

This is to inform all Cedardale Members and Employees that we have been notified by an individual who was in 5:30 pm Group Exercise class on the first basketball court in the gym last night tested positive for Covid-19 today.  Because protocol was followed there are no close contact situations.  This case is unrelated to the case reported on Sunday.

Because of our contact tracing protocol it has been recommended by the Haverhill Board of Health that only court 1 of the basketball gym be closed and sanitized.  Again, because the club adheres to the state guidelines of 14 feet physical distancing and a very stringent cleaning protocol that is continuous during the day, evening and after hours the Board of Health considers this to be a very low risk situation to other members and staff.

Spin classes will be held as regularly scheduled.  Tonight's Yoga class and tomorrow morning's Bootcamp, Barre Burn and Kick and Crunch will be moved to the Main studio and attendance will be capped at 9 participants.

We realized there will be more occurrences in the months ahead, but we are confident that with everyone's diligence to our Covid-19 guidelines and protocol we can continue to operate a safe environment for all.   For the safety of our members and staff we will continue to provide quick and transparent communication as these situations arise.  Questions and concerns can be emailed to Andrew Gunberg at [email protected]