New Mask Guidelines effective May 29th

It is with great excitement that we announce the new mask guidelines for both members and staff.  In accordance with the recent CDC and Massachusetts State guidance for covid-19 safety protocols we will no longer require masks for fully vaccinated members and staff as of Saturday, May 29th.  In accordance with the upcoming Massachusetts Department of Public Health Advisory to be issued on Saturday, May 29th we are strongly recommending unvaccinated members and staff to continue to wear their masks while indoors at the club. We will not be verifying vaccinations.  We trust our community members will make the right decision to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Although capacity limits have been lifted we will be taking a gradual approach back to normal to accommodate the variety of comfort levels within our community. Our transition will span several weeks and is intentionally undefined so we can be flexible to what the next few weeks and months may bring. You will start to see the following changes in the next week:

  • Low Intensity Group Ex classes such as Yoga, Barre and others will move back to the studios as of June 1st. Click for new schedule starting June 1st.

  • High Intensity Group Ex classes such as Spinning, Zumba, HIIT as well as BodyPUMP will remain in the gym for the time being. Click for new schedule starting June 1st.

  • Studios will have the following capacity all spaced 6 feet apart

    Main Studio 25
    Mind Body Studio 22

  • Mats will now be available for class participants

  • Cardio equipment in the Mezzanine area will remain at its current spacing

  • Stretching equipment will be moved back to its original space on the second floor

  • Cardio pieces from the track that originated from the weight room will return to the weight room. Cardio pieces from the mezzanine area will continue to be on the track

We will be working to bring our locker room amenities back online however we can not commit to a timeframe since these areas have not been operated in over a year and we can not anticipate any operational or equipment failures that may occur.

Once again we want to extend our gratitude to you, our members that have stood by us during this very difficult time. We appreciate your cooperation with the ever changing guidelines and applaud your will to continue your healthy lifestyles despite the restrictions.  Without your perseverance we truly would not be here today.  We will continue to be committed to your wellness as we move forward together.