In Memoriam of Ed Veasey

Ed and his wife Zoe and two business partners founded Cedardale, a 4-court tennis club in Haverhill, in 1971. Together, they grew the club from humble roots into one of the largest and most successful multi-purpose health and fitness clubs in the country. Ed was intimately involved at Cedardale from the beginning, and with his family, he actively managed a two-year rebuild and reopening after the original building burnt down in the winter of 2017.

Ed was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer almost one year ago. He approached his diagnosis like he did everything in life, with a positive attitude and a plan. Ed began a treatment plan at Mass General's Cancer Center and amazed his doctors. The doctors would ask, "What's your level of activity Mr. Veasey?" and their jaws would drop as he described his personal training sessions consisting of cardio and strength training and his 3-mile daily walks. The next question was "What keeps you going Mr. Veasey?" and that was quickly followed with Ed's response, "I've got a plan to execute, a club to reopen and I want to see it finished." And so he did.

Ed was a proponent of living an active life and remaining physically fit. He believed that taking care of his body would allow him to approach life's challenges with an advantage. Ed would say, "If you are at your best, you feel your best and you can deliver your best." He truly believed that remaining active allowed him to approach his fight against cancer with strength and courage. When Ed had to reevaluate his plan in recent months he charted a new course and did so with dignity and grace.

Ed realized his goals of rebuilding Cedardale and enjoying the remainder of his life surrounded by his family and friends. On June 1st he was able to experience the overwhelming response from the community and marvel at the success of his new facility. He was so proud of his family and his Cedardale team and hoped that our members would take full advantage of all that Cedardale has to offer.

We are forever grateful for his perseverance, determination and his commitment towards improving the health and wellness of his community.

The Veasey Family