Jen Lawson - Member Success Story

imgJen like the rest of us had struggled with the ups and downs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle - weight fluctuations, injuries and lack of confidence.This year, however, Jen told herself things were was going to be different.  Determined to make a positive change, she embarked on a transformative journey with the help of Northeast Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Kell Baron and Cedardale Personal Trainer Josh Hodgkiss.

Living with persistent pain in her hips and back Jen arranged for a consultation with Northeast Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Kelli Baron. Kelli developed a tailored exercise regimen to realign Jen's body and alleviate her discomfort. This newfound understanding of how her body needed to move was nothing short of enlightening for Jen, and she absorbed the knowledge like a sponge.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive on-going approach, Kelli brought Cedardale Personal Trainer, Josh Hodgkiss, into the picture. Together, Kelli, Josh, and Jen collaborated to create a perfect blend of exercises encompassing strength training, mobility exercises, stability work, and functional movements. At first, some of the methods and movements puzzled Jen, but as she started feeling better, everything fell into place.

The real test came during Jen's much-anticipated annual vacation in the woods of Canada. Previously, this annual trip had always been marred by injuries. This time, armed with her newfound strength and resilience, Jen defied expectations. She impressed her family by effortlessly carrying 40-pound containers of water, spent hours kayaking, conquered mountains, and even fearlessly tubed on the lake. This vacation marked a significant milestone for Jen - it was the first time she returned home pain-free.

"I can't emphasize enough how much working with Kelli from Northeast Rehab and Josh my Cedardale Personal Trainer has changed my life," said Jen. From identifying which muscles needed strengthening and stretching to the valuable lessons on purposeful movement, every moment spent with them has been worthwhile. "I now possess the confidence to pursue the activities I have always want to do without fear of injury."

Jen's success story is a testament to the power of having the right team by your side. Congratulations to Jen, Kelli, and Josh for making all the difference in the world. Keep up the great work Jen!

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