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Covid-19 Protocol

A temporary mandate was issued by the State of Mass. requiring masks be worn
at all times in the facility effective Sunday, Dec 13th.

Please note that due to these capacity limits and space guidelines juniors under 14 will not be allowed inside the club during the reopening phase unless they are in a club program designed for juniors.


General Club Protocol

  • Club Hours are:
    Monday - Friday 6 am - 8 pm
    Saturday + Sunday 7 am - 6 pm

  • Masks are required while walking to and from the building and in all areas of the club with the only exception being while in a swimming pool or playing singles tennis.

  • Masks are allowed to be taken off in the cardio area and group exercise classes if a member has been granted a medical exemption. To apply for a medical exemption please contact Andrew Gunberg at [email protected] Identifying bracelets will be required to be worn for those with an exemption.

  • Members will be checked-in at the Reception Desk

  • Please plan on limiting your overall exercise time to 1 - 1 ½ hours

  • Members are expected to clean their equipment prior to and after each use

  • Members may bring their own mats, jump ropes and bands. The club is not allowed to provide these accessories during this phase of reopening


Group Exercise


  • Classes will be held on the basketball courts (exception some yoga - please check schedule)

  • Masks are required (effect. Dec 13th) unless a member has been granted a medical exemption and is wearing their identifying bracelet.

  • Les Mills Virtual On-Demand Classes (no instructor/streamed on large studio TV) will be scheduled in the Spinning Studio and the Main Studio. Masks are required.

  • Registration for all on-site classes is required and can be done on the Member Portal or the mobile app

  • Studios may be used for stretching and in studio virtual classes as long as member is masked and a social distance of 6 feet is maintained.

  • LIve Streamed Virtual Classes can be accessed through our On-Demand Platform called Daxko on Demand. Sign up initially with the email you have given the club. View live streamed Cedardale Instructor led classes.


Cardio Equipment


  • A variety of cardio equipment is available on the mezzanine level with 36 pieces in the cardio area and another 17 on the track  

  • All equipment is spaced 8 - 9 feet apart as of updated Mass guidelines for distancing released March, 2021.

  • Masks are now required (as of Dec 13th) while working out on these cardio machines unless member has been granted a medical exemption and is wearing their identifying bracelet.

  • Use of cardio equipment is on a first come, first serve basis


Selectorized Weight Circuits (Mezzanine Level)


  • Hoist and FreeMotion weight circuits located on the Mezzanine level will require masks while using

  • Equipment is only able to be spaced 6 feet apart.

  • No medical exemptions allowed in this area.


Weight Room (Lower Level)


  • Masks are required

  • Equipment is only spaced 6 feet apart

  • No supersetting is allowed

  • Please use one piece of equipment at a time - working in between sets is not allowed

  • No medical exemptions allowed in this area.


Indoor Tennis Courts/ Indoor Pickleball Courts

  •  Available for open court bookings, lessons, clinics
  • Please book or register through the online member portal or the mobile app

  • Effective Nov 7th masks are required while playing tennis or pickleball. Those playing singles or taking a private tennis lesson are exempt from wearing masks while playing. It is recommended players take frequent mask breaks when out of proximity of other players.

  • Specific Tennis + Pickleball COVID-19 Protocol


Indoor Pools


  • Lap swimming is allowed with 1 swimmer per lane, first come, first serve the same hours as the club

  • Please remember to wear your mask around the pool area and only remove when entering the pool. Masks must be put back on once you leave the water. 

  • Please limit lap swim time to no more than 1 hour

  • Reserved lap swimming is available at the Cedarland Aquatic Center on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays form 8:30 - 9:30 am starting the week of September 21st. Register on the OnLine Portal or Mobile app starting 24 hours in advance

  • Water exercise classes will be held at the Cedarland Aquatic Center on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays at 10 - 11 am. Space is limited. Register on the Online Portal or Mobile App starting 24 hours in advance.

  • Adult Water Workouts are available Monday and Thursday from 8:30 - 9:30 am at the Cedarland Aquatic Center. Register on the Online Portal or Mobile App starting 24 hours in advance.

  • Warm Water Pool at the Main Club can be used with a maximum of 2 people if members are water walking / Maximum of 4 users if motion is limited

  • Hot Tubs are not permitted during this reopening phase

  • Indoor showers will be available at 50% capacity as of Wednesday, Feb 3rd. Masks can be removed for showering only.

  • Cedarland Aquatic Center Covid-19 Protocol



Basketball Courts and Junior Sport Court


  • Courts are not available for use during this phase

  • Both areas have been repurposed to accommodate other exercise equipment or group classes

  • Junior Sport Court has been repurposed for stretching with a maximum of 8 people

  • Masks are required in the Sport Court while stretching

  • Reminder: Juniors under 14 are not allowed in the club during this phase unless in a structured program




  • Track is not available during this phase

  • The track has been repurposed to accommodate cardio exercise equipment



Locker Rooms/ Hallway Lockers


  • Locker rooms are available for use of toilets, sinks, changing and as of Feb 3rd showering

  • Limited Day lockers will be available in each locker bay for members showering

  • Members not showering please continue to use the day lockers in the Fitness Hallway

  • Please maintain 6 feet distance while using Hallway Lockers and Locker Room Lockers

  • Please clean the locker prior to and after using

  • Hair dryers are allow - please bring your own and follow the 6 ft social distance and mask wearing protocol

  • Please try to minimize what belongings you bring into the club

  • Lockers will be emptied each evening

  • Rental Lockers will not be accessible

  • No Locker Rental Dues will be deducted until lockers are available for use

  • If you need to access your belongings in a Rental Locker please see a staff member



Courtside Cafe


  • Shakes will be available at Courtside



  • KidsZone will not be open during this phase




We ask all our Members to adhere to our Member Code of Conduct:

BE APART - Maintain Proper Social Distancing

BE RESPONSIBLE - Wear Your Mask at All Times unless designated otherwise. Do not come to the club if you are sick.

BE CLEAN - Wash or Sanitize Hands Often

BE KIND - Please be kind to staff and one another - We are all in this together.  

Remember, together as one team we can make Cedardale a safe place to workout.


We understand that these restrictions are not ideal, but we believe the plan we have put in place will provide you with an exceptional fitness experience during these challenging times.  We appreciate your support and understanding as we move forward in this next stage. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing [email protected] or calling 978-373-1596. 

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