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Tennis + Pickleball COVID-19 Protocol






Tennis + Pickleball Covid-19 Policies

  •  All adult and junior tennis and pickleball players are required to wear a mask entering, exiting and while playing. Singles players and those taking a private lesson are exempt from wearing a mask while playing. It is recommended to take frequent mask breaks when distanced from other players. 

  • For clinic and group lessons no more than 6 participants on a court plus the Tennis Pro.

  • Doubles with a Pro will be allowed (3 players + 1 Pro)

  • For regular court bookings players must bring and leave with their own tennis balls and containers. Tennis Balls can be purchased at Reception.

  • Registration is required. Payment is required at the time of registration. Credit card only. 

  • Registration is accepted through Tennis Pro, Member Portal or Cedardale App  

  • Participants are encouraged to remain at least 6 feet away from others at all times, even during a break in play.

  • No socializing or congregating before or after play.

  • All participants are required to bring their own tennis racquet.

  • Each lesson/clinic participant will be assigned a ball hopper for ball pick up. 

  • Participants bring their own filled water bottle. Public water jugs will not be available.  Water bottle filler will be available.

  • When entering the facility, please follow traffic arrows and keep 6’ physical distance throughout the club enroute to the tennis courts.

  • Hand sanitizer will be located on sight for use when entering and exiting the space.  For lessons and clinics hand sanitizer will be available on the ball cart.

  • Individual restrooms will be available for use. Wipes will be available for door handles. 

  • Users should abide by physical distancing standards for bathroom lines and maintain 6’ of distance in all restroom facilities.

  • All Cedardale Employees will be required to check in at Reception for temperature check, screening and contact tracing.

  • Hand washing and sanitizing is required when entering the building, frequently during tennis lessons, and as needed.

  • A First Aid kit will be available at the Outdoor Desk

  • All Tennis Pros are responsible for maintaining social distancing among players, members, and co-workers.

  • All Tennis Pros will be assigned their own labeled ball cart and hoppers.

  • All Athletes/Tennis Pros are discouraged from high fives, fist bumps, or other social contact during tennis lessons.

  • Only Tennis Pros pick up the balls during lessons and clinics.

  • Tennis Pros are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing net posts, baskets, and carts before and after every lesson.

  • All Tennis Pros are required to empty the court Tidy Buckets at the end of their shift/day.

  • Mandatory Hygiene and Safety Protocols ae posted in the Tennis Office.

  • Tennis Pros are prepared to enforce our Member Code of Conduct that includes all COVID-19 protocol.




  1. In compliance with the Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs safety and operating standards only one parent, chaperone, or spectator is allowed per player.

  2. All non members who wish to view the player, must have a profile set up in our computer system and must check in at the Reception Desk upon entering the facility. 

  3. Person viewing must wear a mask at all times while inside the building

  4. All spectators must maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be available when entering the facility and is also located around the facility.

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