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Updated Mask Protocol - Dec 12, 2020

New temporary guidelines for health clubs and gyms were issued on Friday, December 11th. The new guidelines require masks to be worn at all times in the facility effective Sunday, December 13th.  The only exception to this mandate is if a member has a medical condition or disability deemed so by a medical profession indicating it would be unsafe to exercise vigorously with a mask on.

Members with such conditions may apply for an exemption.  If an exception is granted the member would only be allowed to remove their mask while exercising vigorously on cardio equipment spaced 14 feet apart or in group classes where participants are spaced 14 feet apart.

To apply for an exemption please contact Andrew Gunberg at [email protected]   Anyone granted an exemption will be required to wear a bracelet indicating to staff and other members as having such exemption.

Thank you for cooperating with us in upholding these protocols so that Cedardale can continue to be a safe place for all of us to workout.


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