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Our professional staff and wide variety of exercise options offers everyone: young, old, and everyone in between the opportunity to make a change. A change in the way we move, how we play and how we feel. You may look to measure these changes initially in inches or pounds lost, but what you will find is that along the way you have gained confidence and self-esteem, made new friends in another member or staff person, that you are more comfortable in a group setting, and the realization that anything is possible. Come, let us change your world and let yourself become a healthier, happier you!     Click for 3-Day Trial

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90 day Commit to Get Fit Program
"I cannot put into words how great this program has been for me. My goals of weight loss and nutrition management have exceeded my wildest expectations. As you know, I was active prior to joining the class with various aerobic activities but had issues with weight throughout the winter months only to lose them all again when the weather turns nice again. The nutrition guidelines provided actually has me eating more and in 8 weeks and I have dropped 25 pounds! Also, I never used to lift weights. This program has shown me the importance of lifting combined with a good diet will definitely help in my fitness goals in gaining muscle mass."
-Matt D, Cedardale Member since November, 2013

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