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Change in Season Doesn't Need to Be Change in Health

Change of Season Doesn't Have to Mean Change in Health
By: Brittany Kelley, RD, LDN

September marks the end of summer, and the end of vacation for many kids and adults. Just because the summer and beach season is coming to a close, that doesnít mean you have to give up your health routine. We all work hard to get in shape to hit the beach for the summer, but why not continue that into sweater- weather season? Here are some tips for how to maintain your fitness and nutrition routine even when the temperature drops:


  1. Stock up on seasonal fruits and veggies: Apples, pumpkins, beets, cranberries, eggplant, radishes, and squash are just some of the many different veggies and fruits that are in season right now! Check out your local farmerís markets to get the best selection, and store them somewhere cold to prevent early spoilage. To find a farm near you check out--->


  1. Get outside and take advantage of the cooler days! Cool dry air makes it easier to enjoy lots of fall outdoor activities including: running, hiking, biking, or even just walking the dog. Whatever your choice may be dedicate at least 30 minutes to one of these activities per day.


  1. Stay hydrated! Even though pumpkin spice lattes are coming back in town, remember to keep water handy throughout the day as well. Flavored coffee and tea are popular fall beverages but are dehydrating, so make sure to additionally drink at least 64 ounces of water per day!


  1. Bust out the crock pot! Nothing is better than easy flavorful dinners that donít require standing over the stove for hours. Crock pots are super helpful when busy schedules start to kick in, and can make a delicious chili, dip, or baked meal while youíre busy at work. For some RD approved crock pot recipes check out:--->
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