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Staying on a Healthy Track Thru the Weekend

Staying on Track with Weekend Activities
By Brittany Kelley, Registered Dietitian

For a lot of everyday people it is most difficult to stay on track with healthy habits Friday through Sunday. This is because these are the days that are usually filled with going out to dinner, spending time at parties and family events, or watching the Sunday football games. Sound familiar?  All of the above tend to be associated with foods that we donít typically eat throughout the week days, so learning how to conquer this challenge is important. Firstly, it is important for everyone to know that it is okay to allow ourselves the foods that we want once and awhile, otherwise we would be miserable. Numerous diets and fads out there have trained us to think that we need to be restrictive and avoid food because it will make us gain weight; when in reality one meal on a Saturday afternoon is not going to make or break our health it is the repetitive pattern of poor eating that causes this. I always recommend that people adapt to living by the 80/20 rule; meaning making 17 out of 21 meals per week healthy ones, and letting yourself enjoy what you want for the remainder. Realistically, we all have setbacks or times that are more difficult than others, so if youíre still looking for a way to avoid eating unhealthy on the weekends, try some of these tricks:


  1. Eat before going out to a social event; This will help you feel satisfied and less tempted to eat foods at the party resulting in guilt or negative self-talk.


  1. Bring a friend that is supportive of you and your goals! Always associate with people

who are on your team, and want you to succeed at achieving any health goals you may have. This way youíll have that extra motivation to help you stay on track,


  1. Drink water in between cocktails; Donít feel obligated to always drink alcohol during social events, or do so in moderation. Drinking water in between will help slow down the amount of drinks you consume as well as keep you hydrated!


  1. Bring a healthy appetizer: These are usually the MOST popular at any event. People want to feel good about what theyíre eating, so why not get the ball rolling on your own and bring something healthy for friends and family to enjoy!


  1. Pay attention to your body: Donít just eat food because itís sitting there in front of you. Ask yourself: ďam I really hungry for this?Ē Half of the time we usually arenít, we just feel a false sense of hunger because the food looks and smells appealing. However, if you are hungry than eat! Just be mindful and chose to eat in moderation.
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