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Welcome to Cedardale’s blog! Here you will find helpful training and nutritional tips, articles on how to make your workouts more effective as well as how to perfect the games you love playing whether it is here at Cedardale or outside our walls so you can enhance your efforts to living a healthy, fun life.

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Learning to Spin

It's just like riding a bike!  Is it really? Spinning classes are like spinach.  You either love it or you don't.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Maybe you just need to try it again.

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Meal Planning Tips on Facebook Live

Check out our Registered Dietitian Samantha McCarthy and see how she plans her meals for the week on this Facebook Live video.

What Our Members are Saying

Take a look at what Cedardale Members are saying about working out at the club post shutdown.

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Fitness Tip: HOW HIIT Keeps You Young

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler shares with us an article on High Intensity Interval Training and why it helps to keep our muscles young!

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Fitness Tip: Proper Squat Technique

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler reviews the proper way to do the most important functional movement: squat.

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Fitness Tip: Squats - Why They Are a Must

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler has talked in prior weeks about how to squat.  This week she talks about why squats are an essential exercise and a must do!

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Fitness Tip: The Importance of Stretching

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler talkings shares the benefits and importance of post workout stretching.  Click and learn!

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Fitness Tip: Benefits of Stretching

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler shares with us an article on the benefits of stretching serving as a good reminder to take care of our bodies with proper stretching.

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Fitness Tip: MYZONE GREEN - How, Where & When

Fitness Director shares a post from our friends at MYZONE.  This tip talks all about the MYZONE Green Zone.

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Fitness Tip: Spring Back into Exercise

Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler talks about the best way to get back into an exercise routine especially if you have spent the long, cold winter on the couch.

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Fitness Tip: What is Periodization

Last week we learned that it is necessary to change up our workouts for continued progress.  This week Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler tells us how to make those changes with Periodization.

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Nutrition Tip: Food for Your Gut

Happy gut, happy life! Taking care of your digestive system through a balanced diet and gut-friendly foods can lead to a happier, healthier you. Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria, also known as your gut microbiome, and what you eat can either promote or harm the diversity of these bacteria. READ MORE for tips on achieving a happy gut!

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Community Events

We would like to share with you all the various healthy community events such as road races, tennis tournaments, bike races, and more that are brought to our attention.  Many are for great charitable causes so take a peak!

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Fitness Tip: Getting Back to the Gym

Now that you are back in the gym and excited to be hitting the weights you might be thinking about how the time away has affected your fitness and what exactly you should do to resume strength training safely. READ MORE to get Fitness Director Kelli Mokeler's advice.

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