Pool Rules & Regulations


Please follow the guidelines below for your safety and the respect of your fellow members.
Your cooperation is much appreciated.

  1. Always fill empty lanes first.
  2. When it is necessary to join a lane with another swimmer, please attempt to share a lane with a swimmer of similar ability/ speed.
  3. Please ask or make eye contact when joining another swimmer before entering. This will signal the need to split the lane.
    • 2 swimmers per lane- Split the lane. You will remain on one side of the lane (see the diagram)- right or left. Do not cross the center line.
    • 3 or more swimmers per lane- Circle Swimming. Please remain on the right side of the lane (see the diagram) staying close to the lane line to allow others in the lane to pass. 
  4. Resting- please rest only at the walls and stay in the corner of the lane. Do not block space on the wall for others in the lane to turn.
  5. If you would rather swim on your own, please plan on swimming at off-peak hours.



Large Pool

  1. The lifeguards have complete authority for the safety, first aid and procedures of the pool area.
  2. Per Board of Health, food and beverages are not allowed on the pool deck. Water bottles (not cups) are acceptable.
  3. Swimmers must wear proper attire; shoulder length or longer hair must be pulled back or tied up. Soap showers are required before entering the pool.
  4. A deep water test is required by those wishing to swim in the deep section of the pool (diving area).
  5. Parents should always supervise their children in the pools. Children in the wading pool and 3 foot pool need to be watched by a parent or responsible adult.
  6. The only pool toys allowed are diving rings. No diving sticks, torpedoes, or tennis balls. Pool floats, boogie boards, and noodles are not permitted. There is no running, rough housing and chicken fights allowed.
  7. Diving is restricted to the 12' area of the pool. One person at a time may dive and there is no swimming allowed under the diving boards.
  8. Swimmies and bubbles are the only swim aids allowed. In the main pool, a child using floatation devices must have an adult accompany them in the water. Bathing suits with built-in flotation, puddle jumpers, and life jackets are not permitted.
  9. A swim diaper must be worn for children who are not potty trained.
  10. Lap Swimming: Max. of 2 adult per lane. Juniors may lap swim if there is an open lane, but may be bumped by an adult. Reservations for lap swimming only can be made between 8 am - 9 am.
  11. The club is not responsible for changes that may occur to bathing suits due to pool chemicals or paints used on the pools.
  12. Masks or goggles that cover the nose are not allowed. Snorkels are only permitted for adult lap swimming (freestyler snorkels only).

Adult Pool and Hot Tub: (18 years+)

  1. Deck area is provided for sunning, food and drink. No beverages should be consumed while in the pool or hot tub.
  2. Be respectful of those around you when engaging in cell phone conversations.

Pool Closing Policies: A pool may be closed due to weather conditions or human sanitation issues. The time a pool must be closed will depend on the circumstances. All outdoor facilities must be cleared during a thunder and lightning storm (this includes pools, decks, pavilions, and courts).

The Owners and Managers of Cedardale reserve the right to change these policies at any time. Changes shall take effect immediately. Management will post such changes in conspicuous places on the premises throughout the club.

Pool Safety Policies:

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies.

One of the biggest roles of our lifeguards is enforcing the rules to prevent injuries and keep everyone safe in and around the water.

To help the Lifeguards do their jobs please keep the following in mind:

  • Children should always be directly supervised by a parent or responsible adult when in and around the pools. Any child with flotation should have a responsible adult in the water with them and be within an arm’s length. (American Association of Pediatrics also recommends an arm’s length).
  • Arms bands and bubbles are the only flotation assistant devices allowed at Cedardale. We feel it is the safest for our facility. Please read below for our reasoning.

The coast guard life jacket/puddle jumper is typically meant for deep open water (boats). We have varying depths at Cedardale, as well as many pools that kids are constantly climbing in and out of. Lifejackets and puddle jumpers can be very top heavy especially when wet. If a child slips, falls and needs to be back boarded, we need to be able to put the child in inline stabilization. This is impossible to do with a life jacket/puddle jumper. We would be putting both the child and our guard staff at risk because we cannot get the jacket/puddle jumper off without moving the head, neck or back.

Arm bands are available for sale in our Fit Shop and Outdoor Desk.

Food and drink are not allowed our pool decks. Designated areas for food and drinks are:

  • tables by the Outdoor Café
  • picnic tables near the upper bathhouse
  • at the pavilion

Glass of any kind is not permitted on the pool decks.

We have several members with Food and bee allergies.

If snacks spill on the ground please pick up. We do not want other children finding them and putting them in their mouths.

Sticky drinks that spill on the pool deck attract the bees. Please try to clean up as best you can if drinks spill.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe in and around our pools!