Fitness/ Gym Etiquette

  • Please wipe equipment down after use
  • Please return equipment being used to its storage place i.e. dumbbells returned to racks in correct numerical order, plates back on pegs - not leaning. Please do not leave kettlebells and functional toys on the turf. Return Items brought to the bridge.
  • Please remember to share equipment with others and allow people to “work in” while resting. Please do not sit on equipment while scrolling phones. Monopolizing equipment is not fair to co-members.
  • Please do not workout in groups larger than 2 or 3.
  • Please use air pods if you want to listen to your own music. Music played on a phone, speaker or other device is not permitted.
  • Please use equipment with respect and caution.
  • Cell phone calls and taking unsolicited pictures/video’s is not allowed while in the Fitness areas: Weight Room, Selectorized Area, Cardio Mezzanine, Stretching area, Track and Turf bridge. Please be respectful to your co-members.
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times when using any type of equipment. Flip flops are not allowed.
  • Shirts are required to use ALL equipment. Please do not use with wet bathing suits.
  • No horse playing or “hanging out” in the weight room. Please use areas and equipment for it’s intended purpose.
  • CLICK for Junior Fitness Usage Rules/Policies

Questions or issues can be emailed to Fitness Manager Lindsay Maroney at [email protected]