InBody Body Composition Analyzer


Your weight is made up of muscle, fat, bone, and water and the proportions of these different elements are known as your body composition. Weight loss is not the same as fat loss. As we age, we naturally lose some of our heavy, dense muscle mass. A lower number on the scale doesn't always mean we are in peak condition or good health.

The key to physical fitness and good health is maintaining a healthy balance between all the elements that compose our body. Achieving this balance often depends on losing excess body fat and gaining muscle mass as opposed to overall body weight. Instead of tracking just your weight, use our body composition analysis to track how healthy you are.

An InBody Scan with 98% accuracy will provide you with your body's composition - how many pounds of muscle, fat, bone and water. Armed with this data you can make adjustments in your fitness and nutrition that lead to major long-term improvements. Make all your efforts count to a healthier, happier you!

$29 per scan 
3 scan for $65

InBody Prep Steps


To book your InBody scan email Wellness Coach Beverly Birnbach at [email protected].
Be sure to follow the above InBody Prep Steps prior to taking your InBody scan.

InBody scans are complimentary for all of our Coaching clients: 1:1 personal training, FOCUS semi-private training, and FORCE team training. Scans are also included in a New Member's initial Wellness Assessment.