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Fitness/ Gym Etiquette

  • Members must be 14 years old to use*:
    Cardio Mezzanine Equipment
    Circuit Training Equipment
    Weight Room
    Stretching Area

  • Members 13 years old may use the Cardio Mezzanine when directly supervised by an adult*

  • Members 10 - 13 may use the Track and Turf bridge when directly supervised by an adult*

  • *Junior Members age 12 - 13 who have completed the Youth Certification Program are able to use all Fitness areas of the club unsupervised.


  • No horse playing or “hanging out” in the weight room. Please use areas and equipment for it’s intended purpose. 

  • All members should continue to wipe equipment down after use for hygiene purposes

  • Please return equipment being used to its storage place i.e. dumbbells returned to racks in correct numerical order, plates back on pegs - not leaning.  Please do not leave kettlebells and functional toys on the turf. Return Items brought to the bridge, 

  • Please remember to share equipment with others and allow people to “work in” while resting. Monopolizing equipment is not fair to co-members.

  • Please do not workout in groups larger than 2 or 3.

  • Please use air pods if you want to listen to your own music. Music played on a phone, speaker or other device is not permitted.

  • Please use equipment with respect and caution.

  • Cell phone calls and taking unsolicited pictures/video’s is not allowed while in the Fitness areas: Weight Room, Selectorized Area, Cardio Mezzanine, Stretching area, Track and Turf bridge. Please be respectful to your co-members.

  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times when using any type of equipment. Flip flops are not allowed.

  • Shirts are required to use ALL equipment. Please do not use with wet bathing suits.


Questions or issues can be emailed to Andrew Gunberg at [email protected]

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