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Workout to Help Out MYZONE Challenge


In these difficult and uncertain times, exercise has the power to make us feel good. It makes us healthier, more confidence, less anxious and stressed and above all it makes us resilient both physically and mentally to take on whatever lies ahead.


Let's seize the power of exercise and collectively Workout to Help Out and improve our overall health and wellness and beat back Covid-19!





Workout to Help Out

MYZONE Challenge

Build Immunity Lose Weight Improve Mental Health Fight COVID-19



Achieve 1300 MEPs
Post a picture or name your MYZONE workout one time each week of the challenge
Be sure to tag Cedardale in your social posts!



Monday, Sept 7th - Wednesday, Sept 30th



Meet the
Workout to Help Out Challenge and be entered to win.
Two winners will be drawn


Accept the Challenge Invite to be emailed to all MYZONE users on Saturday, Sept 5th


Need a belt? MYZONE Belts are available for purchase at Reception. CLICK to learn more about the MYZONE Physical Activity Tracker.


Questions can be emailed to Sam McCarthy at or Tallie Abernathy at


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