30 Min Guided Meditation Class

Meditation can heal the mind, body and spirit. It can remove stress, enhance decision making, improve sleep and enhance mindfulness. Our guided meditation classes consist of a 5-minute introduction followed by a 20-minute guided meditation and ending with 5-10-minutes for closing remarks and Q&A. No prior meditation experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, pillow, blanket, or any other props to create a relaxing meditation space.

We offer monthly guided meditation classes on Sunday evenings. Below are the details for our next class.


Sunday, March 10TH at 5pm 

In a world marked by uncertainty, discover the solace of inner peace through meditation. This meditation is designed to nurture a tranquil and centered state regardless of external chaos. Through the art of letting go, we learn to embrace the serene presence of each unfolding moment. No prior meditation experience needed.

In this 30-minute session, we will use our meditation to take control of our scary and anxiety-provoking thoughts. Elyse will walk you through a simple Tai Chi exercise (known as meditation in motion) and then follow with a seated guided meditation that will help you achieve a calmer, less reactive, and less fearful mind. No prior meditation experience necessary.