Learning to Spin

It's just like riding a bike! Is it really?

Spinning classes are like spinach. You either love it or you don't. But it doesn't have to be that way! Maybe you just need to try it again.

What you think a Spinning class is going to be like and what it actually may be like are two very different things!

On a well known reality weight loss show, the trainer actually removed the seat from a participant's bike!! For more reasons than I can list, we would never, ever, ever do that! Your bike is your bike. You control the resistance. You control the speed. You control whether you sit or stand. Spinning is YOUR time to workout and you get to use the whole bike!

The Instructors don't yell at you. Their goal is to coach and encourage you to work a little harder than if you were riding a stationary bike all by yourself. You're in a group setting and while everyone is there for a different reason, they're all there because they want to get a great round of exercise in! The person on your right may be there to drop a little stress while the person to your left is training for a virtual triathlon; the one in front is going for max Myzone MEPS and the one behind just wanted to get out of the house.

One thing that will help your first ride (or your 10th) is proper set up. The correct seat and handlebar height is key to a smooth ride. Reviewing how to safely get on and off the bike, how to adjust the resistance and what to expect during a ride is all necessary information that our Instructors are happy to share with you. When you sign up for your first Spinning class, arrive about 15 minutes early to let the instructor know that you are new and ready to ride!

Look for our monthly Intro to Spinning Classes held in the Cycle Studio with a limited amount of riders. The instructor (I teach the morning classes) will help you with your bike set up and review what a regular Spin class entails as you embark on your first ride together.

Mary Lynch is our Member Services Director and has been a part of Cedardale since 1983. She's been a certified Spinning Instructor since 1998 and would love to help you get started Spinning! Contact her if you need an orientation to the bike. [email protected]