Lynne Avallone



My Yoga style is all about helping my fellow yogi's in class find creative ways to move their bodies. I emphasize a strong focus on breath work, while providing beautiful music to get everyone in the right head space and moving. I encourage individuals to feel a deep emotional connection between self and a higher source. My classes offer a physical challenge but they're intended primarily to open the pathways to healing spirit, mind and body. We concentrate on opening up the chakras - energy centers in ones self. I strive for everyone to practice with true intention and leave class feeling radiant, vibrant and alive. Class concluded with a meditative savanna. I have practiced yoga for more than 25 years and I've been teaching the last eight. I was trained in the art of yoga by Kristina Hupp at the former Sacred Movement Yoga studio located in Ogunquit. My classes are diverse; I can promise that you will never have the same routine twice.