Main Studio

The Main Studio will be home to classes like BodyPUMP, HIIT, Zumba, STRONG, and others. The wooden floor is designed to protect your joints when doing impact exercises. We’ve added a block wall that holds TRX Straps. We also have plenty of cubby storage to store your gear while enjoying the class.

Cycling Studio

A tiered studio that allows all bikes to be positioned for the best possible experience! The first row is at floor level and the second two are elevated to provide an unobstructed view of the Instructor and MyZone screens. A few windows to the outside world add a nice extra touch! We have top of the line Spinner Chrono Power bikes each with their own monitor to measure distance, speed, watts, heart rate, and more!

Mind Body Studio

Floor to ceiling windows allow the beauty of the outside world in. A cushioned floor provides comfort when holding a yoga pose or using the barre along with beautifully finished walls and a cathedral ceiling make our Mind Body Studio a truly incredible space to relax, stretch and breathe a little deeper.