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Summer USTA Teams

We are looking for men and women age 18 years and older ranging in playing level from 2.5 - 4.0+ to be part of a Cedardale USTA Summer team.  Teams compete with other local clubs in home and away matches.  The season starts in May and goes through early July.  Top teams will compete for sectional and national titles.  Below are the teams available and night matches are held on.  Some teams have practice, but practices are not required. You may play on more than one team.


Men's 18+ 3.0
Women's 18+ 4.0
Women's 40+ 3.0
Women's 40+ 3.5


Men's 18+ 3.5



Women's 18+ 3.0
Women's 18+ 4.0



Men's 40+ 3.5
Women's 18+ 2.5
Women's 18+ 3.5

If you're interested in joining a team and/or becoming a captain, contact Tennis Coordinator Jen Licciardi at for details.

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