Group Exercise Class Etiquette

  1. Just like reading a good book, you would not want to start in the middle or just read the last chapter.  Please be on time for class - experiencing the warm up, body of class and cool down; they are all important aspects to a successful workout.
  2. Respect those around you. Everyone enters the studio with different goals and for different reasons. If you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while, meet them at Courtside for a smoothie and have your conversation there…not in the studio during class!  Conversation during class must be kept to a minimum.
  3. Wait until one class is over before entering the studio for the one that follows.
  4. Classes like Spinning, BodyPUMP and Yoga require some equipment set up time.  Please be prompt so class can start on time.
  5. Disconnect!  Your Group Ex class is YOUR time.  Leave the phone outside the studio and focus on clearing your mind and body for a great workout.
  6. Although the Flashdance look seemed great at the time, we ask that all participants dress appropriately for the class you’re taking.  What you need for Spinning may not be your best choice for Zumba!  Shoes need to be on your feet in all classes except Yoga. We also respectfully request that you don’t wear excessive perfume or cologne.
  7. Equipment that is being used in the studio, remains in the studio. 
  8. We highly recommend that you have medical clearance before beginning any exercise program.