McKenzie Kelley



McKenzie was introduced into the fitness world at the age of 2, right here at Cedardale Health & Fitness, which quickly became her second home growing up. Over the years McKenzie’s love and passion for fitness drove her into the competition world where she spent time in Bikini and Figure competitions. It was during this time that she realized it wasn’t the competing that she loved, but it was inspiring others, and helping others to achieve their own personal goals, was what she really loved. McKenzie took her passion for fitness and her love for inspiring others and combined them into one, within the walls of the Spin studio. McKenzie has been teaching spin in the Boston area for 7 years and truly believes the spin studio is a place that allows you to learn about strengths that you never knew you had, both mentally and physically. After leaving Cedardale 2 years ago for maternity leave, she is so excited to be back! When she's not on the bike, or doing some sort of fitness related activity, you can find McKenzie in her favorite overall role as a Mom, spending time with her family.