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Fitness & Sport

Our multi-level fitness center, 2-court gym and elevated track is where it's at! We have everything you will need to reach your fitness goals and have fun doing it. No reason to get bored here. The variety of options available to you both in equipment and facilities as well as programs and services will keep you interested and motivated to reach your goals and give you the results you are looking for!


New Fitness Equipment

Check out the new equipment at the club!

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Complimentary Fitness Programs

Check out these exciting new Complimentary Fitness Programs that are ongoing. Great way to learn about the equipment and some new exercises.

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Cedardale Strength + Conditioning

We are very excited to be partnering with Dynamic Strength + Conditioning of Nashua, NH to bring the best group training program to our Cedardale Membership. Our group training program will allow you to train safely and effectively while developing a camaraderie within the group that will help motivate you to your highest levels. First Class is FREE!

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Court Sports

Basketball and Pickleball are in full swing!  Read more for days/times so you can get involved.

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Personal Training

Your journey to living a healthy lifestyle begins here. Let our Trainers guide you towards achieving your fitness goals. Personal Training is more than just teaching you how to do an exercise; it is teaching you how to make permanent changes in your life to help you attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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Fitness Director

Kelli Mokeler is Cedardale's newly appointed Fitness Director after taking over the Fitness Department reins at the temporary Cedardale Andover location. Kelli has worked at Cedardale for 12 years in a variety of roles: Parisi Speed School Coach, Master Personal Trainer, Personal Training Manager, Director of Personal Training and now Fitness Director.

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MYZONE Heart Rate Monitoring System

MYZONE is the physical activity tracking system that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, track your workouts and have some fun!  Learn how MYZONE can take you to your next level of fitness!

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Health + Wellness at Cedardale

We are focused on helping our members get the results they are looking for.  Let one of our Wellness Coaches help you navigate your journey here at Cedardale by identifying your personal goals and finding the right path.

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